The early roundup time.  5 Cool New Me stories and 5 hopefuls for 2018!

2017 – hell ya!


I ran a LOT – Finally running is not AS HARD as before. #runnergirl #runnerjoys

ME TIME – I never knew that I enjoyed my own company so much ūüôā #gratefultobesohealthy #lostbrowngirl



my iconic Hood to Coast 2017 team 

I ONLY spent time with people who mattered to me! – I focused on friendships that matter to me. This meant I was left with a handful but they made up my world and that was so satisfying! #friendslikefamily


I can TALK to strangers! – make weird uncomplicated connections #discoverBKK



I MOVED – moving cities/ countries is a HUGE push out of your comfort zone BUT you discover yourself in a way you never knew possible #mybkklife #mythai #lostbrowngirl




BE A BETTER BLOGGER Рenuf said! but a BIG plan to turn this blog into a fitness/ health / lifestyle / travel blog #lunchboxlicense

LEARN WEIRD SKILLS  Рpush my boundaries as much as possible #mybkklife #fitbrowngirl


INTERNALIZE vs EXTERNALIZE = think more, speak less, maybe write more? #justdoit


SET MORE ( maybe even monthly) GOALS – because I think I love goalsetting!! ūüôā ūüôā #lifegoals


RUN MORE RACES – while I have been running a lot. Races scare me ( don’t ask why or maybe I can write a whole post on it in 2018!) But we MUST overcome all things that scare us. #runnergirl #runnerjoy #strongerbetterfasterme








downloadSo over the last few months I must have written a ton of incomplete blogs and now it has been a good 8 months and this blogger has gone completely silent! Not to say I didn’t make myself heard in other parts of my life but somewhere this very important part of me sort of went quiet.

Breaking new limits with Toon ( google him)

I strongly believe it is better to be late than to be sorry that you never did or tried it! And that is why before 2017 ends I want to make sure I tell you what I have been upto

While I was busy not blogging ūüė¶ I definitely did not leave my quest to lead a fit life behind. Instead I think I have probably been MORE healthy & achieved a ton this year.

But just like this blog & me if you lost your commitment to something or someone that was very important to you GO BACK! If you have fallen of your fitness bandwagon jump back on before the year ends. It is never to late to hit the  RESTART button!

Biggest news I moved to Bangkok!
Never not running

I am a strong believer of going back and picking up the pieces and starting over versus just quitting on a mission. So here I am back humbly asking you to start following me again!

I have new and exciting fitness ideas & trends, deep solutions to your soul searching and better ways to sustain then ever before! So join me on this ride called life!!


PS: follow me on instagram @lunchboxlicense ( super active there)

Happy Jars = Happy Hours

I have always been a peanut butter lover, so when the world added it to the list of “healthy eating food” I was super kicked. I tried making it at home: read here but then I discovered Happy Jars.

Vik14908175_1732306680429051_1581955949165104066_nram Shekar has totally cracked the amazing world of homemade, non-processed, no-preservatives, healthy, yummy, crunch & creamy peanut butter. Here he is the brain/ chef behind this happy healthy peanut butter which is truly happiness in a jar!

Tell us about the goodness and importance of peanut butter 

Firstly, there is a big misconception that Peanut Butter is made with peanuts and dairy butter. This is untrue. Butter only refers to the creamy consistency of the product and the fact that it can be spread on bread. In general, peanut butter is formed by blending roasted peanuts and a variety of other ingredients. Peanuts are a great source of protein and are great for fitness enthusiasts looking for a clean pre or post workout snack.

Why is homemade a better than ones available in the market?

The advantage of making anything at home is that you can omit all the unhealthy ingredients without compromising on the taste. Most store bought peanut butters have hydrogenated oil which gives it an 18-month shelf life and helps retain a semi-solid consistency. But hydrogenated fats are very bad for the body. If you are wellness conscious, Happy Jars Natural peanut butter presents an option with NO added oil or preservatives. We are also conscious of our sugar intake so we’ve replaced processed sugar with jaggery, giving Happy Jars a distinctive taste while preserving all the nutritional properties.

237705551-9e725ce0478d41283054c4f732d46d97.jpgSome interesting ways to eat peanut butter/ how to make it part of your daily food –¬†

I’m a fan of the classic Peanut Butter & bread combination. My morning ritual is a PB sandwich and once a week I add jam to it. It is also a delicious addition to shakes & smoothies as a part of breakfast. If you are a person who likes to have a lot of fruits for breakfast, you can combine Original Yum Creamy peanut butter with slices of crunchy apples or fresh pear. Happy Jars also works for a great mid-day snack at around 4pm to give you that much needed boost. Spread some Original Yum Crunchy peanut butter on your favorite biscuit or crackers. PB is also an unusual but very tasty addition to your salad if you prefer to keep yourself light just before hitting bed. Here’s a recipe you can try:

Cut all these ingredients into slices or small chunks: 3 sheets of iceberg lettuce (shredded),  1/2 yellow capsicum, 1 carrot (small), 1 beetroot (small), 2 walnuts, 200g couscous (boiled), 1 boiled egg,

For the sauce (combine these ingredients and keep aside):¬†20g of Pure Peanut Delight Crunchy peanut butter,¬†2¬Ĺ tbsp. of olive oil,¬†1 tsp. of clear vinegar,¬†¬Ĺ tsp. of chilli flakes,¬†Pinch of salt & pepper as per your taste,¬†Your fav happy Jar flavor and why and how best you like to have it.

14963266_1734450200214699_8167910183925534861_nWe have 4 flavors of natural peanut butter currently selling on our website ‚Äď Original Yum Creamy, Original Yum Crunchy, Pure Peanut Delight Creamy and Pure Peanut Delight Crunchy. Each flavor can be enjoyed on its own or by pairing it with something else as per an individual‚Äôs taste preferences. Most people we have met at various events where Happy Jars was present favored the crunchy far more than creamy. There are die hard peanut butter fans out there who swear by crunchy peanut butter. People can‚Äôt get enough of the crunchy texture and can‚Äôt stop once they have dug in. I like the crunchy flavor myself and relish my breakfast with a dollop of Original Yum Creamy spread over a slice of toast with a small portion of blueberry jam. I suppose I am a bit old school in my love for the PBJ combinationJ.

peanut-butter-244x300If you want your own jar of happiness: Happy Jars came from our passion for healthy food and wellness. Happy Jars is made with a secret recipe that uses 100% natural ingredients to give you a 100% natural peanut butter that is pure yum! Find us on www.happyjars.in or call us to order on +91-9980555088 or Facebook


IMG_5290.JPG2017 started on a high note for me! I celebrated on the shores of Tenerife (belongs to the Canary Islands, Spain) and how do you get back to reality and your daily routine after that? ¬†While a mental struggle was only the first step physically I felt like jello! All my muscles felt wobbly, my stamina was down and I don’t feel as strong as I did.

This is when I decided to do a 100 days of fitness. It just felt like a TOTALLY challenging and a highly committed plan. So here it goes.

  1. my-fit-100-days_240x180_71430905426What does 100 fit days mean- for 100 days we take a¬†journey into the world of fitness. By this I don’t mean you have to run or train for all 100 days. You do have your rest and recovery days (maximum 2 days a week)
  2. In these 100 days you need to maintain a healthy diet, avoid intoxicants if possible for the most part and at least train 5-6 days a week
  3. Sign up in your head first. Find a platform where you can do a countdown this ensures you stay on track
  4. download-2Keep a record of every day Рeven the rest days. Use Instagram, Twitter, Fb, Pininterest Рit is nice to look back at how much you achieved.
  5. This is no competition so do this for yourself.
  6. Keep a goal in mind-this will give you something to look forward too. Maybe a bikini beach bod or a sub-60 mins 10km, 20 push-ups, a hand stand etc.
  7. Hashtag me ūüôā #lunchboxlicense100 #100fityays –¬†so I can keep a track on you.
  8. Don’t forget to take a “before” pic – so the “After” pic is all the sweeter!

Inbox me on Fb or mail on lunchboxlicense@gmail.com if you want more details or would like to join me on this journey. Start today I am with you all along the way!


2016 or Not

2016 ended before it even began if you ask me! I have so many memories, but so many unfinished tasks and goals. This brings me to my usual self reflection mode of did I plan well, did I follow through, how did this happen and that didn’t… this could go on forever. I rather focus on lessons learnt and memories cherished. Here are a few moments that rocked my year.. doesn’t look too bad when you look at all that has happened ūüôā



Handstand @ savandurga


TCS 10km #finisher
   Self-defense workshop with Gabi, Maki & Vinayak
Epic Twin City Relay with 12 magical teammaters: Wonder Wome


hell ya!






Destination run @Amby Valley with Nike Run Club Mumbai



14095727_1785276545019674_8902167807603964484_n 15168807_10209517278786549_21808308825341132_o

First Cyclothon Ever

A Crazy WOD @nammacrossfit


Bangalore Marathon 21km done & dusted



img_2422 img_2624

Unforgetable Cambodia and did a sea-view facing head-stand!


My first ever NTC workout – ‚̧ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Got me some GOLD!!


Ended the year with a 21 day challenge  to get my motivation back on!

img_8908There it is a few of the wonderful memories I made in 2016! Look through your phone or social media and glance through the photographs and you will be amazed to see what a rockstar you have been all year! Merry Christmas Folks!! #peacelovejoy





































The Runderful Life – 21km part deux

86d12e74763e28a425e6d51e88608b54A LOT has happened since my last post and I feel bad that I haven’t been able to share any of it. I hope before 2016 is over I can post about the experiences I have had, but the most important one was my second half marathon!If you have read my earlier post you would know that my first half was a ¬†real toughie. The second one was no less. Here are a few things I learned along the track.

Running maybe the only sport that will change you as a person forever. The discipline of training, waking up at unearthly hours, running on tracks or roads and with people you never imagined will definitely push you far-out of your comfort zone.

Prioritize your training plan. As race day approaches you need to get laser sharp with the training plan. Stretching, yoga, the gym, etc. become ancillary support to making your 21km freaking awesome. Focus on running and running alone!

img_2098Nutrition is an¬†extremely important piece of this puzzle. The right nutrition kicks in weeks before. Choose good carbs like Ragi, Broken Wheat, Sweet Potatoes, brown or red rice, quinoa and oats. Don’t ignore your proteins for muscle recovery. Soy, lentils, chicken, eggs, fish and whey are definitely a must. I took Zago after my runs to make sure I got the right amount of proteins each day.


Train with a friend, train with a group or train with the Nike Running App, but train with a plan. I did 3 runs a week minimum – a 7km, a 10km and a long run (anything beyond 12km) it was tough to stay motivated for 8 weeks! Some days I ran alone, some days with friends, some days I did an event to make my run fun and exciting. Try a new route or a new spot in the city to mix things a little.

Got to love the FAM!! ‚̧

My second half was pleasurable for days after I could not stop smiling remembering the highs and lows that happened in the long two and a half hours I ran. I loved having my family greet me at the finish line. I loved starting the run with my best buds and the electric excitement in the stadium. I felt connected to all the runners as we shared an unexplainable journey. I can focus on getting stronger and faster. I hope that some of you will share this experience with me.




Gift Healthy @ The Quaint Shop

14666208_1128906137185504_581788467246458582_nWhen the festive season hits I find it so tough to stay fit and still feast up every day. It doesn’t help that everyone gifts boxes of yummy goodies (no complaints on getting gifts & don’t ever stop) While I love this time of year I now think it is the perfect opportunity to gift health to my loved ones.

By this, I don‚Äôt mean buy a one-month membership at your neighborhood gym for your neighbor, but instead of a box of ladoos you could try a jar of special homemade peanut butter. With this mission in¬†mind is how I found the ‚ÄúThe Quaint Shop‚ÄĚ

14720533_1127898743952910_70883168640198723_nThe Quaint shop lets you customize a gift hamper based on your lifestyle or on the occasion. They use cute artistic eco-friendly packaging materials doing their bit to preserve the environment and keep wastage to the minimum. Their package boxes can be reused for many years to come, being made with either dried palm leaves or reed.

It has a bunch of unique limited edition set of products and gifting ideas. From home-made fudge to organic coffee, home gardening kits and other thoughtful and carefully curated hampers. There is no compromise to quality when each item is so special ‚ÄúWe try to add something unconventional like the coloring greeting card. We love hearing the reaction “Oh where did you find this?!!” ‚Äď said the Quaint Shop team.

14721622_1122629354479849_1646440369038135546_nThe festive season is right around the corner they felt it was time to do it differently this year. ‚ÄúDiwali already leaves its mark on our cities, with the pollution; sound, garbage, and dust. Why contribute to that by using plastics in your packaging or a box that will just add to a pile in dump yards. Use packages that are reusable and products that use¬†the least¬†chemicals as possible‚ÄĚ

Highly recommended and top picks img_2283from The Quaint Shop is their choco-nut shortbread, dark chocolate granola bites, the peanut butter jars, super-food granola with the goodness of chia and sunflower seeds and a bit of sin with the fudge duo- caramel and peanut butter: is some of the homemade stuff made in the Quaint Shop kitchen with love. If you prefer home décor you can try the gardening kits, customized photo frames and lots of other home décor ideas. The icing on the cake is that you can pick and choose and create your own gifting hamper with all or some of these lovely items.

This season of celebration try something different and spread the importance of how health is the real wealth we share. Happy Diwali folks!


Pallavi and Nisha (the brains behind Quaint Shop), who for the sheer passion for all things good and wholesome, have brought Quaint Shop into the world. We love to make things in our own kitchen and home that can bring happiness into yours.  They are never-ending in the search for different and niche products,envisioned by home businesses and local farms. If you have a idea in mind, we are always happy to make it real.contact them hello@thequaintshop.in or click here  Phone: +91 99207 99021, +91 98861 18787, follow them on FB & Instagram


Destination Run with Nike Run Club

apc_7244-16Organized by the Nike Run Club, Mumbai I was invited to be part of the Lunar Epic Run Forever held only for women in the absolutely gorgeous Amby Valley.

I chose to do a tough 15km mostly uphill run which in bits and pieces had some amount of walking and slow jogging. Here are a few of my experiences.

It was super to run with such esteemed Mumbai runners. I was so used to seeing the familiar faces from the Bangalore running circuit. It was energizing to meet a whole new family of runners with their own method to the madness of endurance running.

cv__8139The Nike Run Club crew was amazing. The event was organized really well right from the cool goody bags we received at the Nike Store on Linking Road, to the comfy storytelling/ making new friends bus ride. By the end of it I didn’t feel like I was a stranger in a new city running with a new crew.

img_1765When we arrived at Amby Valley the reception was filled with cheer and the ladies felt so special. A major highlight was running in the Lunar Epic Low Flyknit which has got to be my absolute new favorite pair of Nikes for endurance running. It gave¬†“Run Forever” a whole new meaning when it made the impossible rolling hills of Amby Valley possible.

I must mention the pacers and Coach Dan. What a bunch of enthusiastic, fun, friendly superb runners. They made every participant feel like a friend. They ran with us and made sure all of us were accounted. akk_9559They took pictures, shared stories and gave valuable running tips. People pay top dollar for that kind of personalized attention and information.If you live in Mumbai and aspire to start running join the Nike Run Club (AKA NRC) which is a free running club. The best part is that you get to meet like-minded runners. sign up here

img_2121A point to note if you have any special nutrition and sleep habits make sure you follow these patterns. It is an unfamiliar city and things may be out of your control. Prepare your body and mind like you always do. I made sure I got a good nights rest and carried my Zago Whey Body Buddy (Chocolate flavor my fav) for post run recovery.

Final Verdict: Destination runs are definitely worth it. Whether it is Mumbai or New York it doesn’t matter. Just get the hell out of your comfort zone and explore the world on those wonderful legs!


Women And Workouts

6d8d294dbbe411587d5238139baebbafI often get questions about the best training plans for women.¬†Women are no different from men when it comes to training. Unfortunately, women have to work twice as hard to achieve the results men do in the same amount of time. As always we haven’t given up on that challenge as yet!

Simply put men produce testosterone that aids in muscle building. Women produce it in small quantities therefore the harder work. This is why ladies no matter how hard you try you can never look “manly” or “bulked-up” it takes 8-10 hours a day of training to get¬†that way.

The same workout plan can be followed by both genders. Keep in mind ladies that upper body strength is more challenging. Doing simple (or complex in this context) movements like pull-ups, push-ups, hand-stand, shoulder press maybe harder for you. When you are devising a weight training plan tweak it to have additional sets for your upper body.

6d44e27b4d923e089fb1a4c66a1e459bCardio works well to remain lean and athletic. Definitely, add in 2-3 days of cardio a week. This could be with swimming, running, cycling, zumba, aerobics etc. Remember cardio must be paired with some form of strength building movements. If weight training isn’t your cup of tea at all try group strength classes like TRX, Body combat, Body Pump and yoga.

Nutrition and sleep are the 3rd and 4th slice of the pie. On strength building days increase your protein intake for good muscle growth and replenishment. Whey protein is recommended to help with quicker muscle recovery so you can bounce back for your training schedule the very next day. You can try Zago which is on-the-go pre-mixed whey drink which come in yummy flavors. It is convenient 12249790_395040993999764_2537688394808830443_nand available online and at most grocery stores.

Carbs are important for your cardio days to ensure you have a lot of energy to burn all those calories. Be choosy about the type of grains you eat: ragi, oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, broken wheat are all great carb options.

Try to get a good 7-9 hours of sleep every night. We tend to ignore this part and this can affect your training schedules far more than you realize. When we sleep muscles recover and high metabolism occurs as well.

f6c60eb7b25a96927d05fc455de65c03Demand a good training program from your coach including all of this and you will see better results than ever before. Most of all don’t hold back do all that your body can do for you and enjoy every step of the way!








3 Days to Change Your Life with Judd Reid

quote-one-must-try-everyday-to-expand-one-s-limits-mas-oyama-75-71-50I have spoken about the Budo-life and the art of martial arts before,( Read) but this coming weekend I think India and specifically Bangalore will finally understand what it means to be amongst a legend. (Before I explain who the legend is- have a look at this Video)

Judd‚Äôs Reid was one of those lucky stars who started Karate probably before he started walking. He had the vision & dream to go to Japan and train under the Kyokushin Karate founder Shihan Mas Oyama. At 17 he was selected to be part of the “1000 Days Young Lions Training Program” in Japan. The training, fighting and living conditions were extreme, but Judd was one of the first foreigners to graduate and this sealed a bond with the great Mas Omaya forever! His life was dedicated to spreading the Kyokushin philosophies.


Judd Reid with Shihan Mas Oyama

The Budo life never ends, you live, breathe and train constantly and for 20 years this journey continued. He was crowned world champion at the age of 39 and completed the incredible feat of completing a 100 man fight in Japan at age 40. (watch this)


The life of legends are always dedicated to teaching and training and today Judd at the age of 45 continues his life-long promise. He runs camps inviting people from all over the world to experience what he did in his time in Japan.

We get a chance to walk amongst the great when Judd Reid visits Bangalore 9th to 12th Sept. He conducts a workshop for us and this is what he had to say:

img_0274-1936x1288Live & Unedited Message from Judd:

Firstly I’m very excited about coming to India. This will be my first visit and I’m sure many more to come.¬†I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful country and beautiful people.This workshop/ camp I hope will leave a lasting memory for many years to come. If you are looking to enrich your soul, learn new things, be out of your comfort zone,strengthen your mind and body well this camp is for you.¬†

img_5707_resized-320x568I believe in hard work. Nothing can be achieved through laziness and doing things half-hearted.

Fire in the belly and determination bring that with you and the rest will fall into place.¬† I haven’t met any of you guys yet but I’m sure by the end of the camp we will all be life long friends forever.

This camp is for everyone, Beginners, Advanced, Women, Men and Teenagers.

We will all work hard as a team pushing each other.The most important thing is to develop good character and relationships . This is what Kyokushin, my training is about, a strong body will follow.

We are all.going to learn a lot and walk away a stronger person for it making any challenges we may face in the future not a problem at all.

See you all next week.


Details: 10th Sept: Bangalore Р3 sessions 6.30 Р830 am;11-1 pm 3-5 pm (at Namma CrossFit Cunningham Road) 11th Р12th Kabini Рdepart at 5:30am food and accommIMG_5555-640x1136.PNGodation will be provided at Red Earth Luxury Resort. Contact Vinayak:  kvinayakshetty@yahoo.com or click here

Come for The Young Lions  Рsynopsis Рbook launch at 7pm 9th sept @ ATTA GALATTA KORAMANGALA