Happy Jars = Happy Hours

I have always been a peanut butter lover, so when the world added it to the list of “healthy eating food” I was super kicked. I tried making it at home: read here but then I discovered Happy Jars.

Vik14908175_1732306680429051_1581955949165104066_nram Shekar has totally cracked the amazing world of homemade, non-processed, no-preservatives, healthy, yummy, crunch & creamy peanut butter. Here he is the brain/ chef behind this happy healthy peanut butter which is truly happiness in a jar!

Tell us about the goodness and importance of peanut butter 

Firstly, there is a big misconception that Peanut Butter is made with peanuts and dairy butter. This is untrue. Butter only refers to the creamy consistency of the product and the fact that it can be spread on bread. In general, peanut butter is formed by blending roasted peanuts and a variety of other ingredients. Peanuts are a great source of protein and are great for fitness enthusiasts looking for a clean pre or post workout snack.

Why is homemade a better than ones available in the market?

The advantage of making anything at home is that you can omit all the unhealthy ingredients without compromising on the taste. Most store bought peanut butters have hydrogenated oil which gives it an 18-month shelf life and helps retain a semi-solid consistency. But hydrogenated fats are very bad for the body. If you are wellness conscious, Happy Jars Natural peanut butter presents an option with NO added oil or preservatives. We are also conscious of our sugar intake so we’ve replaced processed sugar with jaggery, giving Happy Jars a distinctive taste while preserving all the nutritional properties.

237705551-9e725ce0478d41283054c4f732d46d97.jpgSome interesting ways to eat peanut butter/ how to make it part of your daily food – 

I’m a fan of the classic Peanut Butter & bread combination. My morning ritual is a PB sandwich and once a week I add jam to it. It is also a delicious addition to shakes & smoothies as a part of breakfast. If you are a person who likes to have a lot of fruits for breakfast, you can combine Original Yum Creamy peanut butter with slices of crunchy apples or fresh pear. Happy Jars also works for a great mid-day snack at around 4pm to give you that much needed boost. Spread some Original Yum Crunchy peanut butter on your favorite biscuit or crackers. PB is also an unusual but very tasty addition to your salad if you prefer to keep yourself light just before hitting bed. Here’s a recipe you can try:

Cut all these ingredients into slices or small chunks: 3 sheets of iceberg lettuce (shredded),  1/2 yellow capsicum, 1 carrot (small), 1 beetroot (small), 2 walnuts, 200g couscous (boiled), 1 boiled egg,

For the sauce (combine these ingredients and keep aside): 20g of Pure Peanut Delight Crunchy peanut butter, 2½ tbsp. of olive oil, 1 tsp. of clear vinegar, ½ tsp. of chilli flakes, Pinch of salt & pepper as per your taste, Your fav happy Jar flavor and why and how best you like to have it.

14963266_1734450200214699_8167910183925534861_nWe have 4 flavors of natural peanut butter currently selling on our website – Original Yum Creamy, Original Yum Crunchy, Pure Peanut Delight Creamy and Pure Peanut Delight Crunchy. Each flavor can be enjoyed on its own or by pairing it with something else as per an individual’s taste preferences. Most people we have met at various events where Happy Jars was present favored the crunchy far more than creamy. There are die hard peanut butter fans out there who swear by crunchy peanut butter. People can’t get enough of the crunchy texture and can’t stop once they have dug in. I like the crunchy flavor myself and relish my breakfast with a dollop of Original Yum Creamy spread over a slice of toast with a small portion of blueberry jam. I suppose I am a bit old school in my love for the PBJ combinationJ.

peanut-butter-244x300If you want your own jar of happiness: Happy Jars came from our passion for healthy food and wellness. Happy Jars is made with a secret recipe that uses 100% natural ingredients to give you a 100% natural peanut butter that is pure yum! Find us on www.happyjars.in or call us to order on +91-9980555088 or Facebook


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