2016 or Not

2016 ended before it even began if you ask me! I have so many memories, but so many unfinished tasks and goals. This brings me to my usual self reflection mode of did I plan well, did I follow through, how did this happen and that didn’t… this could go on forever. I rather focus on lessons learnt and memories cherished. Here are a few moments that rocked my year.. doesn’t look too bad when you look at all that has happened 🙂



Handstand @ savandurga


TCS 10km #finisher
   Self-defense workshop with Gabi, Maki & Vinayak
Epic Twin City Relay with 12 magical teammaters: Wonder Wome


hell ya!






Destination run @Amby Valley with Nike Run Club Mumbai



14095727_1785276545019674_8902167807603964484_n 15168807_10209517278786549_21808308825341132_o

First Cyclothon Ever

A Crazy WOD @nammacrossfit


Bangalore Marathon 21km done & dusted



img_2422 img_2624

Unforgetable Cambodia and did a sea-view facing head-stand!


My first ever NTC workout – ❤                                               Got me some GOLD!!


Ended the year with a 21 day challenge  to get my motivation back on!

img_8908There it is a few of the wonderful memories I made in 2016! Look through your phone or social media and glance through the photographs and you will be amazed to see what a rockstar you have been all year! Merry Christmas Folks!! #peacelovejoy






































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