The Runderful Life – 21km part deux

86d12e74763e28a425e6d51e88608b54A LOT has happened since my last post and I feel bad that I haven’t been able to share any of it. I hope before 2016 is over I can post about the experiences I have had, but the most important one was my second half marathon!If you have read my earlier post you would know that my first half was a  real toughie. The second one was no less. Here are a few things I learned along the track.

Running maybe the only sport that will change you as a person forever. The discipline of training, waking up at unearthly hours, running on tracks or roads and with people you never imagined will definitely push you far-out of your comfort zone.

Prioritize your training plan. As race day approaches you need to get laser sharp with the training plan. Stretching, yoga, the gym, etc. become ancillary support to making your 21km freaking awesome. Focus on running and running alone!

img_2098Nutrition is an extremely important piece of this puzzle. The right nutrition kicks in weeks before. Choose good carbs like Ragi, Broken Wheat, Sweet Potatoes, brown or red rice, quinoa and oats. Don’t ignore your proteins for muscle recovery. Soy, lentils, chicken, eggs, fish and whey are definitely a must. I took Zago after my runs to make sure I got the right amount of proteins each day.


Train with a friend, train with a group or train with the Nike Running App, but train with a plan. I did 3 runs a week minimum – a 7km, a 10km and a long run (anything beyond 12km) it was tough to stay motivated for 8 weeks! Some days I ran alone, some days with friends, some days I did an event to make my run fun and exciting. Try a new route or a new spot in the city to mix things a little.

Got to love the FAM!! ❤

My second half was pleasurable for days after I could not stop smiling remembering the highs and lows that happened in the long two and a half hours I ran. I loved having my family greet me at the finish line. I loved starting the run with my best buds and the electric excitement in the stadium. I felt connected to all the runners as we shared an unexplainable journey. I can focus on getting stronger and faster. I hope that some of you will share this experience with me.





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