Gift Healthy @ The Quaint Shop

14666208_1128906137185504_581788467246458582_nWhen the festive season hits I find it so tough to stay fit and still feast up every day. It doesn’t help that everyone gifts boxes of yummy goodies (no complaints on getting gifts & don’t ever stop) While I love this time of year I now think it is the perfect opportunity to gift health to my loved ones.

By this, I don’t mean buy a one-month membership at your neighborhood gym for your neighbor, but instead of a box of ladoos you could try a jar of special homemade peanut butter. With this mission in mind is how I found the “The Quaint Shop

14720533_1127898743952910_70883168640198723_nThe Quaint shop lets you customize a gift hamper based on your lifestyle or on the occasion. They use cute artistic eco-friendly packaging materials doing their bit to preserve the environment and keep wastage to the minimum. Their package boxes can be reused for many years to come, being made with either dried palm leaves or reed.

It has a bunch of unique limited edition set of products and gifting ideas. From home-made fudge to organic coffee, home gardening kits and other thoughtful and carefully curated hampers. There is no compromise to quality when each item is so special “We try to add something unconventional like the coloring greeting card. We love hearing the reaction “Oh where did you find this?!!” – said the Quaint Shop team.

14721622_1122629354479849_1646440369038135546_nThe festive season is right around the corner they felt it was time to do it differently this year. “Diwali already leaves its mark on our cities, with the pollution; sound, garbage, and dust. Why contribute to that by using plastics in your packaging or a box that will just add to a pile in dump yards. Use packages that are reusable and products that use the least chemicals as possible”

Highly recommended and top picks img_2283from The Quaint Shop is their choco-nut shortbread, dark chocolate granola bites, the peanut butter jars, super-food granola with the goodness of chia and sunflower seeds and a bit of sin with the fudge duo- caramel and peanut butter: is some of the homemade stuff made in the Quaint Shop kitchen with love. If you prefer home décor you can try the gardening kits, customized photo frames and lots of other home décor ideas. The icing on the cake is that you can pick and choose and create your own gifting hamper with all or some of these lovely items.

This season of celebration try something different and spread the importance of how health is the real wealth we share. Happy Diwali folks!


Pallavi and Nisha (the brains behind Quaint Shop), who for the sheer passion for all things good and wholesome, have brought Quaint Shop into the world. We love to make things in our own kitchen and home that can bring happiness into yours.  They are never-ending in the search for different and niche products,envisioned by home businesses and local farms. If you have a idea in mind, we are always happy to make it them or click here  Phone: +91 99207 99021, +91 98861 18787, follow them on FB & Instagram



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