Destination Run with Nike Run Club

apc_7244-16Organized by the Nike Run Club, Mumbai I was invited to be part of the Lunar Epic Run Forever held only for women in the absolutely gorgeous Amby Valley.

I chose to do a tough 15km mostly uphill run which in bits and pieces had some amount of walking and slow jogging. Here are a few of my experiences.

It was super to run with such esteemed Mumbai runners. I was so used to seeing the familiar faces from the Bangalore running circuit. It was energizing to meet a whole new family of runners with their own method to the madness of endurance running.

cv__8139The Nike Run Club crew was amazing. The event was organized really well right from the cool goody bags we received at the Nike Store on Linking Road, to the comfy storytelling/ making new friends bus ride. By the end of it I didn’t feel like I was a stranger in a new city running with a new crew.

img_1765When we arrived at Amby Valley the reception was filled with cheer and the ladies felt so special. A major highlight was running in the Lunar Epic Low Flyknit which has got to be my absolute new favorite pair of Nikes for endurance running. It gave “Run Forever” a whole new meaning when it made the impossible rolling hills of Amby Valley possible.

I must mention the pacers and Coach Dan. What a bunch of enthusiastic, fun, friendly superb runners. They made every participant feel like a friend. They ran with us and made sure all of us were accounted. akk_9559They took pictures, shared stories and gave valuable running tips. People pay top dollar for that kind of personalized attention and information.If you live in Mumbai and aspire to start running join the Nike Run Club (AKA NRC) which is a free running club. The best part is that you get to meet like-minded runners. sign up here

img_2121A point to note if you have any special nutrition and sleep habits make sure you follow these patterns. It is an unfamiliar city and things may be out of your control. Prepare your body and mind like you always do. I made sure I got a good nights rest and carried my Zago Whey Body Buddy (Chocolate flavor my fav) for post run recovery.

Final Verdict: Destination runs are definitely worth it. Whether it is Mumbai or New York it doesn’t matter. Just get the hell out of your comfort zone and explore the world on those wonderful legs!



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