Women And Workouts

6d8d294dbbe411587d5238139baebbafI often get questions about the best training plans for women. Women are no different from men when it comes to training. Unfortunately, women have to work twice as hard to achieve the results men do in the same amount of time. As always we haven’t given up on that challenge as yet!

Simply put men produce testosterone that aids in muscle building. Women produce it in small quantities therefore the harder work. This is why ladies no matter how hard you try you can never look “manly” or “bulked-up” it takes 8-10 hours a day of training to get that way.

The same workout plan can be followed by both genders. Keep in mind ladies that upper body strength is more challenging. Doing simple (or complex in this context) movements like pull-ups, push-ups, hand-stand, shoulder press maybe harder for you. When you are devising a weight training plan tweak it to have additional sets for your upper body.

6d44e27b4d923e089fb1a4c66a1e459bCardio works well to remain lean and athletic. Definitely, add in 2-3 days of cardio a week. This could be with swimming, running, cycling, zumba, aerobics etc. Remember cardio must be paired with some form of strength building movements. If weight training isn’t your cup of tea at all try group strength classes like TRX, Body combat, Body Pump and yoga.

Nutrition and sleep are the 3rd and 4th slice of the pie. On strength building days increase your protein intake for good muscle growth and replenishment. Whey protein is recommended to help with quicker muscle recovery so you can bounce back for your training schedule the very next day. You can try Zago which is on-the-go pre-mixed whey drink which come in yummy flavors. It is convenient 12249790_395040993999764_2537688394808830443_nand available online and at most grocery stores.

Carbs are important for your cardio days to ensure you have a lot of energy to burn all those calories. Be choosy about the type of grains you eat: ragi, oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, broken wheat are all great carb options.

Try to get a good 7-9 hours of sleep every night. We tend to ignore this part and this can affect your training schedules far more than you realize. When we sleep muscles recover and high metabolism occurs as well.

f6c60eb7b25a96927d05fc455de65c03Demand a good training program from your coach including all of this and you will see better results than ever before. Most of all don’t hold back do all that your body can do for you and enjoy every step of the way!









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