3 Days to Change Your Life with Judd Reid

quote-one-must-try-everyday-to-expand-one-s-limits-mas-oyama-75-71-50I have spoken about the Budo-life and the art of martial arts before,( Read) but this coming weekend I think India and specifically Bangalore will finally understand what it means to be amongst a legend. (Before I explain who the legend is- have a look at this Video)

Judd’s Reid was one of those lucky stars who started Karate probably before he started walking. He had the vision & dream to go to Japan and train under the Kyokushin Karate founder Shihan Mas Oyama. At 17 he was selected to be part of the “1000 Days Young Lions Training Program” in Japan. The training, fighting and living conditions were extreme, but Judd was one of the first foreigners to graduate and this sealed a bond with the great Mas Omaya forever! His life was dedicated to spreading the Kyokushin philosophies.


Judd Reid with Shihan Mas Oyama

The Budo life never ends, you live, breathe and train constantly and for 20 years this journey continued. He was crowned world champion at the age of 39 and completed the incredible feat of completing a 100 man fight in Japan at age 40. (watch this)


The life of legends are always dedicated to teaching and training and today Judd at the age of 45 continues his life-long promise. He runs camps inviting people from all over the world to experience what he did in his time in Japan.

We get a chance to walk amongst the great when Judd Reid visits Bangalore 9th to 12th Sept. He conducts a workshop for us and this is what he had to say:

img_0274-1936x1288Live & Unedited Message from Judd:

Firstly I’m very excited about coming to India. This will be my first visit and I’m sure many more to come. I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful country and beautiful people.This workshop/ camp I hope will leave a lasting memory for many years to come. If you are looking to enrich your soul, learn new things, be out of your comfort zone,strengthen your mind and body well this camp is for you. 

img_5707_resized-320x568I believe in hard work. Nothing can be achieved through laziness and doing things half-hearted.

Fire in the belly and determination bring that with you and the rest will fall into place.  I haven’t met any of you guys yet but I’m sure by the end of the camp we will all be life long friends forever.

This camp is for everyone, Beginners, Advanced, Women, Men and Teenagers.

We will all work hard as a team pushing each other.The most important thing is to develop good character and relationships . This is what Kyokushin, my training is about, a strong body will follow.

We are all.going to learn a lot and walk away a stronger person for it making any challenges we may face in the future not a problem at all.

See you all next week.


Details: 10th Sept: Bangalore – 3 sessions 6.30 – 830 am;11-1 pm 3-5 pm (at Namma CrossFit Cunningham Road) 11th – 12th Kabini – depart at 5:30am food and accommIMG_5555-640x1136.PNGodation will be provided at Red Earth Luxury Resort. Contact Vinayak:  kvinayakshetty@yahoo.com or click here

Come for The Young Lions  – synopsis – book launch at 7pm 9th sept @ ATTA GALATTA KORAMANGALA 









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