7 Training Tips For Your First 21km Run

downloadIt is that time of the year again when all the marathoners are on a running high! The hard work and year-round training is about to pay off. Yup Marathon season has kick-started with the Hyderabad marathon last weekend. If you did not make it for the AHM then start your prep for the Bangalore Marathon in Oct, Delhi in Nov and Mumbai in Jan. If this is your first 21km don’t be worried just make sure you train and train some more.

Here are a few tips to make your first half as easy as it can get

  1. IMG_1026

    Find a run buddy-I say this in every running post and saying it again. It easier to stay motivated and inspired when you have someone to share the burn with!!

  2. Get a Plan on speed dial – follow the Nike+ Running App or look for one online, or from your coach at the gym or inbox me. Just get a schedule in place and follow it religiously to make sure your race ready!
  3. IMG_1181
    After my long run for the week

    At least 3 runs a week – non-negotiable! An interval run of 4 to 5km,  1 semi-long runs ( 8km to 10km) and a LOOOONG run. By long run I mean start week 1 at 10km, week 2 at 13km and keep increasing it every week until you get to 21km.

  4. Strength Training – I know its a lot with 3 runs a week, but try one day of strength to keep your muscles in place. You don’t want to loose all that mass you worked so hard to build. Strong legs and core muscles will just make your runs a lot easier.
  5. Cross-train- This scheduling is starting to sound like a boot camp, but cross-training helps with recovery. An easy swim, yoga or cycling can give you good endurance on your off days.
  6. IMG_1325Last, but NOT the least is nutrition. It is critical to eat right during this intense training period. Make sure you have a good split of superfoods, protein and carbs. This is also a good time to take whey protein for muscle recovery considering you are training almost every day. Grab a Zago bottle, which is on-the-go pre-mixed whey protein drink  which can give you that instant recovery post your training sessions.
  7. Track your runs-if you love stats and analyzing stuff. Geek out on this. Make a chart and track your progress.

Follow these 7 mantras and you will breeze through your first 21km like a boss. I am training with you so in-box me for help and I hope to finish super strong! Remember there is no finish line, this is only the beginning!




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