Back to Basics This Monsoon

11899715_1627015530871597_1342459434_n.jpgMonsoons in Bangalore (my hometown) is the best season here. Every day for two months the sky is a little gloomy, a refreshing breeze and the lovely unpredictable rain! The weather is so special it makes you want to go out and stay home at the same time.

While you cozy up and cover up from the rain. It is a tough time if you love outdoor workouts and outdoor runs. This can mess-up a good training schedule and could leave you lazy and demotivated.

I always see this as a great time to get back to basics. While the rest of the year we spend maxing out our training schedules this is the time to take a pause and work on all those little skills we tend to ignore.


So here are a few tips on how to make this weather work best for you

Go back to a gym or indoor training center and re-visit your FORM for core movements. Is there a way to make your squat better, your push – up stronger and your deadlift heavier. Good work on these strength movements will influence your running/ cycling/ yoga etc.

Nike-Training-ClubFrom my post on Pilates ( Read here) you know that CORE is KING. You can get in some heavy-duty core strengthening work. If you need a good workout you can check out the Nike Training App which has great 4-6week programs on core and strength.
Flexibility, Agility , Plyometrics and Mobility– yup they all exist and now you can spend a e777a7cf1d1dcc865c17719178e65ee6good amount of time figuring out what they are. Throw these words at your trainers and demand a diverse training plan to attack these weak spots.

Lastly don’t completely ignore your running and other cardio training. Use the treadmill to do interval speed training and the elliptical to increase stamina. You could also give Spinning a try, which is great for stronger limbs.

For me the monsoons has been really busy, but it is time to visit the old and rework the new, half the year is almost done!

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