8 Reasons Why Pilates Rocks


After class selfie:Urmi & Pooja

A long overdue post, I got a chance to attend a fab Pilates class with Master Trainer Urmi Kothari and I finally found out why I need to find a way to do this every damn day!


  1. Pilates emphasizes your body’s core the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt and back muscles. ( Yes this is your CORE)
  2.  Pilates makes you stronger! You have to engage your entire body. Sometimes you may try to strengthen one muscle while stretching another. This requires a lot of focus and concentration. And when you feel you got it! There is another harder version! ,
  3. Pilates develops all that you need –  strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture. The best part is it emphasizes on correct form and not just about the burn!3e1092ff66d50c33682c3bde649e7c5b
  4. Move and live better with Pilates. This workout is designed to help us MOVE better outside class. All the muscles you use here you will be able to activate them which will improve the quality of your daily life!
  5. In Pilates specific breathing patterns are combined with movements while keeping the body in a certain alignment.
  6. While Pilates is an intense and a very focused form of training it is not a high-intensity fat burner. So if major weight loss is your goal then pilates must be combined with some form of cardio.
  7. If you loved the toned celebrity arms then Pilates is a must do!
  8. No more backaches. Pilates was initially developed as a rehabilitative tool by Joseph Pilates a German gymnast, born in 1883, who dedicated his life to teaching his exercising techniques, believing that poor posture goes hand-in-hand with poor health.

If you live in Mumbai check out Urmi Kothari of Kinetic Living for the most brilliant Pilates classes ever. Read more about Pilates and her here



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