Safety first Cyclists

e1b40a00f9051ec3133b8f2b806d13d8I started working on this post a few weeks ago when I went for my first ever long bike ride  (woot! Managed to clock a 23km) but a tragedy took place since that ride.

A well-known Bangalore rider was killed due to rash driving by a 4-wheeler. I don’t know this lovely young lady, but the news made me really depressed.

So instead of telling you how and why cycling rocks I rather discuss how to treat cyclists on the road. We must co-exist until cyclists can get their own lane and laws of protection.

Be patient when you see a cyclist. Give them the right of way. If he/ she wants to cross Cycling-STCC-Etiquette-Hand-Signalsover, switch lanes or get ahead when they want. Honking them down is irritating and caus
es noise pollution. It can startle a rider causing him to lose his balance in his haste to get out of your way. It will only slow you down by a few seconds, but for the rider it means a lot more.

Be mindful of their movements and hand signals. They always indicate their next move through hand signs. Be aware of these and it will be easier to understand each other.

“Being Doored”  a common accident, when a cyclist is pedaling along, doesn’t notice a 0db34a1760e4d7775388d218522ae5f8motorist getting out of a parked car, and is thrown, sometimes violently, when he or she hits the opening door. Both motorists and cyclists need to be alert here.

Road rage and cyclists is super common. It is almost weird to see a bus driver screaming at a cyclist! While it is common to lose it on Bangalore roads, keep your emotions in check. Yes they are allowed to break traffic signals, they move slower than you-they use their legs not an engine to move and they can really feel the pollution coming out of your car so be nice.

As for the cyclist I really respect the risk you take every time you hit the road. Make sure you know the rules and wear the appropriate safety gear.

Do your little bit to help grow the cyclist community, they are contributing to saving the planet.


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One thought on “Safety first Cyclists

  1. You’re talking to the wrong people. The average Indian motorist will never change. So it’s up to the yuppie cyclists with fancy bikes and shiny gear to learn how to ride safely – look and learn from the average locals for whom cycling is a necessity and not a fitness trend.


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