Women On Top

As a believe in gender equality I feel there are many physical activities women shy away from doing due to stereotypes and social conditioning. Let this Women’s Day be about setting yourself free from countless gender biases!

Women should lift as heavy a weight as she wants too!

Weight training is a must for both genders as it helps build muscles, gives you great stamina, reduces body fat and gives you more energy. Read more on it in my previous post so break this fear and walk boldly to the male dominated weights section and pick up a hefty 15kg dumbell and do some bicep curls! Men be less intimidating and happily share your corner near the heavy weights section.

Outdoor Running

ff51ffe47ae5c924d9390a252e60bdafThis is a tough one in India where women are leched at constantly and for a lady to run on the road makes me cringe too! But giving up in not an option because treadmill running will mess up your knees. Running outdoors reduces stress levels, increases lung capacity and speed due to adaptations on any terrain are few of the wonderful benefits. So brave up, sync in some good music and just run! Make sure you run in a well-lit and populated area and avoid running after 6pm. ( eg: cubbon park, joggers park) ( sorry to say this but safety first)

Martial Arts

5c3f8fe991f21957fd3f582a88a72d20e036e854_mSelf-defense is only one of the numerous reasons women should learn martial arts. The “Budo” life is for everyone. Martial art teaches you discipline, improves flexibility and coordination and about harnessing internal energy systems. Plus you feel so badass! So join a boxing class, karate or mixed martial arts and let the inner dragon free. ( read more )

Football, Basketball, Cricket, Golf and pretty much every sport!

this-girl-can-play-football-dataLife lessons are learnt on the sports-field which no book can teach you. The health benefits are incredible apart from improving muscle memory, making you more agile, better plyo-metrics and overall you’re metabolic rate is higher than non-athletes. Don’t think twice choose a sport you have aspired to play and just start.

Forget about crazy crash diets and looking “Skinny” focus on becoming healthy, fit and live a disease-free happy life. When you are sixty you rather be healthy then a sickly size zero!

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