2016 Bring It!

I know the new year has kicked in and we are all already on our way to making it an awesome year! But here is a quick read in-case the pace is slacking a bit.

First Trek of the Year: Savandurga

Will this year be epic or life changing I am not sure? But I know that if you have big plans don’t wait jump right into it. I learnt to stop thinking and analyzing things too much and just explore the unknown.

Let 2016 be an exciting adventure. Make plans – tons and tons of them. Some may happen, some you may delete, some may be hard and impossible and you will learn a good lesson and some may happen so amazingly that your faith in living will be restored.

Keep Calm & Breath On
Cheers to my first run in 2016! 

Try this in 2016

  • Try to do something you have never ever done before
  • Do one thing that is just for yourself ONLY – this could be coloring your hair a flaming red to travelling to a location or even dinner with your oldest friend who lives far away
  • Do something very very hard

I am sure if you make plans that fall in these 3 categories your 2016 is guaranteed to be totally epic!

My plans you will know cause I will be blogging more this year!!



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