Good Nutrition = Good Run

942515_966661463421304_5335203792764540334_nMy first run for the year is this weekend called the Pinkathon. I am excited because it is a ladies only run for breast cancer awareness! I could not have asked for a better way to start off the running year.

What best can be done two days before race day? At this point all your training is done and you should be resting up for the big show.

This is when nutrition is key. Eating the right type of food 2-3 days before is critical.

First Pinkathon in 2014

Two days before is when you start loading up on carbs ( AKA”Carb Loading”) Carb loading simply means ensuring you get a good amount of healthy carbs into your diet to give you immense amount of energy on race day. So healthy pastas, brown rice, oats, boiled potato – is good to eat for the last 5 meals before you run. There’s also a healthy liquid snack in the market called – Zago Mighty Meal. This is a oat-powered snack which helps in keeping you full longer, while providing essential vitamins and minerals.


My plate for the past few days!

On race day make sure you don’t eat a heavy breakfast or any breakfast. Instead you can fuel up with a protein drinks, some almonds, a banana and oats if you’re really hungry. Make sure you eat half an hour prior to the start.

During your run hydrate and hydrate. If you are a first time runner than stop at the water stations 4km, 7km and 9km. Here you can grab a quick drink of water or Zago Body Buddy, if they provide it. This 20gm protein drink gives you a burst of energy that keeps you going till the end.

Carry one of these for post run hydration

Finally when your done running and clicking proud finisher selfies. Go to the refreshment stall and make sure you hydrate again. It’s important to remember to stock up on carbs as well as proteins after the marathon. If you aren’t sure what proteins to take, I recommend a combination of Whey and Casein (more in my next post) which helps avoid cramps and soreness later, and replenishes all the lost nutrients from your muscles. For me the quickest and most effective solution is Zago.

So gear up and get ready to take on your run this weekend! Anything done for a good cause is bound to be epic!






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