How to Get Back to Training


This is probably not the most motivating “Let us Ring in the New Year” type of post but this blog is about sharing REAL issues.

Although I love to train and work out and run and do all the other things I write about. I have my dull days or weeks too. The downtime phrase hits everybody.

inspirational-fitness-sport-healthy-eating-weight-loss-quotes-pic-picturesOnce the festive season ended and the new year started I assumed I would be back to training regularly except instead I felt demotivated and just so lazy.It took me a while to really pull myself out of this rut.

I am sure many of us suffer from this. We have the aspirations but lack the will and discipline. The worst part is you know you were doing really good until an injury, a holiday, sudden work crisis, a festival or a wedding can really shake up the whole regiment.

My gym motivator: Nimisha

This is when you have two ways to fight the battle before you slide all the way to the bottom. A gym buddy, your coach, your crush or just about anyone who you knew from that life has to reach out to you. If they don’t connect with you, send them a message for help. Confess about the downward spiral and you will get a pep talk and even maybe a ride to the gym.

The second option is to fight your own demons. At some level we are committed to exercise daily. It is only a momentary lapse from the routine. Be unkind to yourself and really shake yourself out of it. Be over critical to a point that forces you to get up and get out of that door. Yes, feel bad, guilty, unhealthy and disgusted with your lack of an active lifestyle.

133137732710276028Lastly, I would go back to my favourite recommendation of “put a goal” to it. Work towards something – an event, pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand and whatever else you are dreaming about.

If you fall into the third “I don’t really care” segment then we have to work a lot harder to convince you and your starting trouble needs to be addressed in a different manner. ( for another post)

Remember when the jeans get tight it is time to get back and in my case throw away the Christmas cake!






One thought on “How to Get Back to Training

  1. Hey Vin! Love your blog. Super jealous of how awesomely fit you are now. Hope to see you soon so I can get some in-person motivation 🙂


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