Take A Break Today

Thats me & my best buds taking an epic pano @the Great Wall of China, Beijing

I recently returned from an epic vacay. I can tell you while I grudgingly get back to my routine. The trip brought back the sparkle to my everyday life and things are not so boring anymore.  Also now my license to complain is suspended. It is not such a bad way to live!

Yes I did a handstand @ The Great Wall of China

We all carry about quite a bit of unwanted emotional luggage and stress every day. I like to question how important is it to stop, breath and rewind? Why is it a struggle to get time off? Why is it met with a guilt complex to be able to exhaust all the 22-25 days a company gives its employees?

Taking time off allows us to deal with both mental and emotional luggage which is when we suppress our feelings and just move on. The more you pack it all away the more likely a meltdown is around the corner.

Saw a bit of heaven @Yanghso Mountians Guilin with my besties

There is definite merit in turning off life mode and chilling. I believe to be happy we need to get out of our daily routine or we will end up feeling trapped. Time off could be anything from sitting at home, watching  movies, going for a hobby class, travelling or spending time with family.

photo (3)
Trekking in rice paddy fields with this mind numbing view & rain!

Pause life and do something radically off your schedule: to avoid getting burnt-out, miserable and disillusioned with life. Studies prove that taking a break every now and then increases productivity. Many western companies incentivise employees to take a vacation. Breaking away from the clutter we can gain a new perspective and open our mind to fresh ideas and creativity.


99fd370c6860f020181fe732288a99d1A break is required for you to remain physically healthy too. Mental stress results in poor quality of sleep, mood swings, fatigue, high blood pressure, risk of cardiovascular diseases, poor eating habits, obesity and malnutrition, panic attacks and tons of other stuff. Your immune system becomes suppressed and you are susceptible to infections. While exercising can release some of this stress it is not

photo (1)
Eating something awesome!

enough to help you combat all of life’s curve-balls. Doing a complete shutdown is  the only way to recharge.

The only way to grow is to evaluate and analyze. How do I want to live my life? Does this life make me happy? How can I make things better? Important questions that pop up, but are left unanswered. When we are most relaxed answers will flow. The healing will happen and you will be able to feel your place in this life.

2fde2812ce26629f3068cb8e71d972a4Lastly while many of us love what we do and maybe happy with how things are going. Time off will push you out of your comfort zone. And, to quote a famous quote “Sometimes everything we want in life lies just beyond our comfort zone”





As the holiday season here take some time out to relax, celebrate your 2015 achievements and make a resolutions to chill more next year!




If you have a fitness story to share or a point of view to be discussed or just good information that has worked or not worked for you, send me an email on lunchboxlicense@gmail.com or a facebook message on the page and I will be happy to feature you. 



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