Have Fun With Home Work Outs

a13bb77dcb08a6735b5f1896406ed7e1I recently tried a HIIT home workout since I missed my usual session at the gym. It was just as challenging and I felt great! While training at the gym maybe your style it is good to be able to workout on your own anywhere. It helps while travelling or days when you are stuck with commitments

A close buddy Rohini Debroy has gone the home work out way. She says it is most convenient and is now working best for her. I asked her to give us the low down:

1463930_237863339706135_1753166479_nMy fitness routine and self goals have changed over time. Last year I worked out a lot more intensively than I do today. I was a zumba instructor. I used to do some strength training (crossfit) with cardio (zumba) and general walking(without specific goals).

Now I am very busy with my company and I lose time travelling to gyms and working out. This is when I started my tryst with home workouts as an alternative. I had also developed swollen ankles from the excessive jumping and cardio in zumba primarily. The doctor cautioned me to reduce intensive training like jumping, squatting etc due to impact caused on my feet and knees. 

Walking and home body workouts

 I was low about this not-allowed-to-train advice and for 3 months I could only walk as an exercise. This is when I gave it a positive spin and started to enjoy walking with my dogs. I downloaded the 01b6edfcb2a371978b39a70df2a8a4abPacer App on my phone and began to count my steps everyday. This motivated me to walk more. It is addictive and now I do it while travelling too! I love this app because it gave me a checklist for my daily goals.
As my ankles healed, I slowly got back to low intensity body weight exercises at home, at my convenient time. I follow youtube videos/exercises, try http://darebee.com/ (also check out Tabata & Insanity).  I did yoga and added ab workouts with few reps throughout my day. All I need is my mat, a bottle of water, my laptop to follow the workouts and music
Goals need to be wholesome: 
Eating right,  being positive and meditating are fitness goals for me. Being mean to yourself and your body for not performing as much as you want it too, creates negativity inside. But accepting cheat days once in a while should be tolerated. If 80% of your diet is healthy, that is a good start for most of us. Detoxing is a great way to get a cleanse. I go through periods of no alcohol, no meat etc on my own for 3-4 weeks. Following it through and saying no to friends who call you out during those days helps to build will power. 
 I added ‘eat a salad’ and ‘drink soup everyday’ as a goal. The idea is to not scold myself if I don’t achieve it everyday, as I may want soup tomorrow and not today. They say ‘you are what you eat’ and this is very true with respect to fitness/ health. In the picture I cooked – ratatouille. I try different super foods and veggies and keep my protein intake balanced. 
Overall  I would say start to love and appreciate your body first, but after that it is about a wholesome approach for me – workout in nature (walk for 30 mins outdoors with my dogs), healthy eating and complete focus on self workouts(no distractions) – 30 mins of body workouts.
I hope this inspires one and all to workout on your own and with apps and youtube videos nowadays, all you just need some self-motivation.
10850014_10155165357605109_7479948695593072616_nThanks a lot Rohini for this valuable and insightful post. Rohini Debroy is Partner & Interior Designer at Debroys, Ex- Advertising Professional, Zumba Instructor, ardent Fitness Enthusiast, Dog Lover, Part-time chef and Wanderlust Fan. 
If you would like to contribute or share your stories please mail me on lunchboxlicense@gmail.com

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