Run For Kids

It is not often that we get the opportunity to influence and forever change the lives of people around us. To “like” and “share” a status message is just not enough to make tangible changes.

11075035_673184686141737_8975499248658061445_nShisham a friend of mine has taken on a challenge that is magnificent. I have known her for a long time, but this task is inspiring and admirable! She runs a bakery called “Happy Belly Bakes” (in Richards Town, Bangalore)  well known for lovely theme cakes and yummy pastries.

Her brother Kapil Hinduja ( another admirable gentlemen) decided to raise funds by walking 1500 km in 2015 for the medical needs of under privileged kids (yup very crazy) Read More HERE, She agreed to donate and help out, but when she went through the profile of EKAM and met their founder Dr. Sailakshmim this totally changed. All of a sudden the term “Be the Change” finally made sense. People had given up their careers and were following it through. EKAM is doing some incredible work and Shisham wanted to be a fragment of this work. What better way than to help innocent children who have the right to live, but don’t have the means.

Run for love with a friend

About the NGO (Read More HERE)

598524_525297897548413_2078960332_nEkam Foundation (Ekam) is a non-profit organization engaged in providing timely and quality healthcare for the newborn infants of poor and vulnerable communities in government hospitals of Tamilnadu State in Southern India. Ekam was formally inaugurated on Doctor’s day July 1st 2007 as a Community Pediatric Project of CIOSA (Confederation of Indian Organisations for service and Advocacy) which is the CSR initiative of Mafoi foundation, Chennai. Ekam Foundation spun off as separate organization in August 2009. We are also happy to inform you that Ekam changed into a Public private partnership model by joining hands with the government health department on 14th Nov, 2008. We are basically working for the health care of underprivileged children in Tamilnadu, India.

Thats Shisham 3 on the left

What is Shisham doing?

She has taken on a challenge to walk/ run 1000km by Dec 2015 as an extension of the Golden mile, and raise funds amounting to INR 5,00,000 for EKAM.

She donates Rs. 10 off every bill in Happy Belly Bakes 

downloadWhat can you do?

  1. Sign Up for the Hope Run at the Bangalore Marathon (5km fun run) every registration donates Rs.1000 to the cause. The registration on the website is Rs.500, but USE THIS LINKsign up AND contribute to helping Shisham collect the 5 Lakhs. HURRY registration closes 10th OCT
  2. You can go to her page HERE and easily donate a little something.
  3. You can start a similar initiative, pledge to walk/run a certain amount and raise money for the same cause. Email Shisham on on how to go about that

Armchair activism is easy we don’t have to “give” anything just our opinion that we love to do! But here is a chance to make a real impact for under-privileged kids. Tying it back to the joy of running is the cool part. There really is no excuse why we can’t help!


Thanks to Proton Running Club, all Customers of Happy Belly Bakes and those who have already donated to helping Shisham make the dreams of little kids come true, YOU CAN BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE TOO!


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