Weight-training and women is a topic that I relate to quite closely, I am FED UP of guys at the gym, my peers and other random ignorant humans commenting about women and weights.

women-lift-fitboardI understand that not everyone is well-informed about weight-training, but I DO NOT get why people comment on the “bulking/ muscling up” of women. To each their own, somehow no one comments about anorexic looking women, but a girl lifting weights gets plenty of “don’t become too bulky” (whatever the hell that means!)

Why are carrying heavy weights perfectly fine for women as they are for men?

photo (17)
Nimisha my lifting buddy!

Women, lifting weights will NOT turn you into THE HULK. The opposite happens you finally get the body you dream of which has no jiggly fat, a faster metabolic rate and you get “toned” ( toned = muscular, you know that right?) Weight training can address problem areas and redefine the shape of it unlike cardio.

Keep in mind that there are hormonal differences between men and women that causes us to react in slightly different ways to exercise. The fact is that most women are just not going to grow that big. We do not have testosterone present, so unless you are supplementing with additional testosterone (which 99% of you aren’t), building massive muscles should be the least of your concerns. Sadly women will struggle with that last little bit of stubborn body fat. So, that means, lifting heavier weights does not = a large degree of muscle mass for you.

photo (16)
Deadlifting 70kgs! 1 rep best!

In addition females develop muscle at about half the rate of men, thus, again, this even further proves that you should not concern yourself with the thought that you’ll spout gigantic muscles overnight if you so much as pick up something heavier than 5kgs.

Weight training can help you achieve activities you thought only men can do! Lifting heavy boxes at home, carrying your own groceries (no more damsel in distress) carrying your own luggage, self-defense, etc. you will finally be a strong and independent women.

photo (10)
Ass to grass with 40kgs

Lastly not all of us are cardio people, weight-training maybe your calling and due to crazy myths you are shying away from a format of exercise which you may love! There is a great level of confidence and satisfaction obtained when you can carry 40kgs and do a front squat!

I was under a similar mindset of weights = bulky when I first started off. I did low weights into a zillion reps, but not much happened and most of all I stagnated. With the right education and encouragement I stopped shying away from heavy weights and I really started enjoying myself.

photo (18)
Do I look like HULK?

Weight training helped me accomplish many goals. I wanted to share that I dead-lift and back squat more than my bodyweight and in my class I sometimes lift more weights than the boys and for once it feels great to be EQUAL if not better.

So force your trainer to incorporate 3-4 times a week of weight training into your schedule = awesome toned abs and muscles. Along with a stronger, better you! Untitled_636Make sure the buildup is progressive and not lifting heavy all of a sudden. Like all types of exercise make sure FORM is KING before you start loading up the plates! The heavier you go the repetitions should decrease with increased recovery time. In the initial phase have a trainer supervise you to make sure the form stays good. Warm up and cool down with a good amount of stretching.

Most of all push and challenge yourself, if 5kgs is light then move to 7 or 9 or 12 ….. remember there is no side-effect or negative result from lifting heavier! And if you get one of those chauvinistic “don’t get bulky” remarks you will now be strong and informed enough to give a good punch! ( or you can share my post and educate them)

I request all my readers to also read this enlightening & amazing post


Note to readers: This is not a feminist post for man haters, but a post for men and women on a topic that exists and no one talks about. Spread the word, & the next time your girl gym buddy wants to lift heavy be her spotter!


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