Goal Setting for Health


I hear my friends complain about wanting to start on a fitness journey or work towards a healthy lifestyle change, but they loose motivation and get off track after a few weeks. I struggle with this too, I want to start running again, but it has not lifted off the ground as yet!

Goal setting is not only important for you’re career, but for your health as well. To constantly be able to move ahead and not stagnate is as essential for your physical state as it is for your mind.

If you are stuck like me then you need to use goal setting tools. First step is to work on a SMART goal: S= specific, M= measurable, A= accountable, R= realistic and T= timeframe

A vague goal like “I want to run every day” or “I want to eat healthier” does not work. It has to be very specific in nature. For example, I want to be able to run 10km in two months which means running 3-4 days a week or I will include a salad into my diet for 45 days” the more specific your goal is the easier it is to stay focused on seeing it through.

images10While setting your goals make sure that you can measure it. Daily or weekly progress will help you stay motivated. Celebrate successful days and this gives you the confidence to keep the momentum going.

I have a friend who has decided to get on a 100 day well-being program. She does a daily countdown on Facebook and she says this has helped her stay on track. This is a great way to be accountable to achieving your goal. A food/ exercise journal works well, you could use phone apps like SWORKIT, Goalsontrack, Lifetick, myfitnesspal, runkeeper to help maintain a record.

great-quotes-on-goals-and-goal-settingWe like to aim for the moon and hope to fall somewhere in the stars (an old quote) is a great attitude. At the same time it is very important to set realistic and achievable goals. By no means set the bar low, but be true to yourself and your capabilities, create a goal you will definitely achieve. When the goal is too unrealistic after a point you see slow progress and soon just give up completely!

Make your goal tangible, which means you’re working with an end in sight. Tie it to an event (like a marathon) or an occasion (an upcoming trek/holiday you would like to take) or a number of days (like my friend and her 100 days). This way on hard days you will see a light at the end of the tunnel and it gives you hope to move on.

So while I sign up for the TCS 10km to make sure I start running three times a week again. Write down a goal for the summer and  you can use some of these tips to help you achieve it.






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