Mind Over Body

I have been wanting to blog about how good mental health is the first step towards improved physical health. We don’t realize what a large impact our mind has over the body. If you think back to your school years I am sure there were times when you could mentally convince yourself you had a fever or a stomach ache to miss that horrible test you did not prepare for and it would have worked!

Even today our mind can push our bodies to do the impossible. Those books and anecdotes about positive thinking have a way of enhancing self-esteem.

To be able to step on the fitness bandwagon and make it part of your daily life you need to mentally get on board. The battle needs to be won in your mind, followed closely by the battle on your plate!


The first step is to start thinking positive, which is much easier said than done, considering the headlines every morning. I would recommend keeping very small goals to help you stay excited. You can make a note of your goals on apps like “Lifetick” or “Goalsontrack” this will help you stay focused and give you small victories to celebrate.

Count your blessings constantly! Every time I get demotivated about life’s difficulties, I remember how lucky I am just to be healthy and alive. Repeat it over and over, stick a post-it somewhere if you have too, follow motivational quotes of twitter, but being thankful for what you have automatically puts you in a better mood.

Speak positive, helps you stay positive. Not grumbling about something as inane as the horrible traffic, or how cold your lunch is to a serious work issue, your mood reflects your words. This is hard to do since we are so used to bitching and nagging about things all the time. But whenever I have tried to make an effort to bite my tongue and hold back my negative comments I feel good. So give yourself a small rule e.g. I will not comment on weight or clothes or the traffic etc.. Just try it with a few everyday items and you will feel the effects.

Surround yourself with positive people and positive things. Kill the negativity around you. This is a harsh one because often the people we love may be dragging us down by their negative attitude. Have a talk expressing that you’re working towards positive energy and they should too or you may have to cut the cord.

10-Science-Based-Reasons-To-Start-Meditating-Today-INFOGRAPHICLast, but not the least is Meditation, which is life changing. Mediation calms the mind and soul which in turn calms the body. It is a mood elevator and increases positive emotions and life satisfactions. Start with five minutes and build onto at least fifteen to see real success.

The reason to switch over to positivity (apart from 100 other benefits) is that it has a huge impact on your physical health. It heightens motivational levels and increases your metabolic rate. Your immune system works better and you have higher energy levels.

Wake up every day, smile at the world, meditate for five minutes and remember a happy mind is a healthy body


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