3 All Star Full Body Movements for All Exercise Routines

6031bbef37cb1b6c53401739b461d70eThree movements which have the power to work your entire body, which are done by pro athletes and beginners that yield amazing results are Skipping (yes! jump rope from school), the Burpee (I can almost hear regular gym goers cringing) and the Thruster. They have multiple benefits and can be done almost anywhere and any time.


Skipping is an important part of pro athlete workouts, it is prescribed to increase cardio endurance levels. It works on a large number of muscles like your calves, thighs, glutes/ butt, you also use your shoulders and arms to swing the rope and your abs, back and core to give you that stability and balance to jump and land comfortably.

While skipping cannot build muscle mass it is great for toning, building stamina and helps burn calories. It is good to shed the fat (especially on the belly) and get lean. Skipping also helps you with building agility and mobility. Include skipping into your daily schedule along with your other strength training workouts is a total plus. Try to do about 25-30 minutes a day.

The Thruster

The Thruster is the perfect all in one exercise. It is known to be the one exercise you would take away to a deserted island. It combines a front squat, with an overhead press, giving new dimensions to the concept of compound, multi-joint exercise. You can work this movement with heavy or light weights, load up the repetitions and you get a great High Intensity workout.

It benefits your lower body with the squat: calves, thighs, butt; with the transfer of power to your upper body your abs and lower back gets tightened and finally the press, you’re working: shoulders, upper back and triceps. Whew! AND, it strengthens your core too

The Thruster is metabolically demanding and elevates your heart rate giving cardio vascular effects. Unlike skipping and the burpee you can pile on weights for the Thruster which helps develop muscular mass. You can do the movement with or without weights (that is barbell, dumbell, kettle bells etc.)

Do as many reps as you can for 8 minutes a day and see the difference in a few days.

The Burpee

All I can say is make it part of your vocabulary if you want to join the fitness revolution. It is the ultimate full body movement and every sportsman/woman have burpess is their workouts. One “simple looking” movement tests your strength and aerobic capacities.

The burpee requires you to begin standing, drop to a squat with your hands on the ground and feet back, do a push-up, jump back to squat position and then execute a vertical jump! It is powerful and explosive since you’re doing 3 jumps in a single burpee.

The burpee has become the movement of the 21st century because the benefits are immense. Your strength increases considering you use multiple muscles, you work your chest, arms, shoulders, thighs, hamstrings and abs. It is a real fat burner due to the high intensity use of all muscles, it burns upto 50% more fat than conventional training exercises. It tends to speed up your metabolic rate so jump off that elliptical and do a set of burpees instead.

burpeeThe burpee develops conditioning and endurance to tackle every day rigor, example like when you’re late for the train and you make a dash for it with a 10kg bag! If you’re training for a match or a race burpees are used to increase stamina and is a great top up to any workout routine.

It can be done anywhere (even in prison), you don’t require a lot of space or equipment. You can do a 100 burpees in your hotel room while travelling and probably burn more than if you went to the gym that day.

Try to do at least 25 burpees a day and notice overall increase in fitness.

Add these 3 All Star movements into your fitness routines and you will see significant improvement in your strength, conditioning and endurance levels. All of them have complex variants too that will ensure you’re challenged constantly. So happy Burpee to you


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