Satisfy the “Bhukkad” in you

It is quite hard to find to a great place to grab a meal which qualifies on multiple parameters: healthy enough, light on the stomach and on the pocket, no waiting time, good service and of course YUMMY!

Two weeks ago I found the answer to all of the above “Bhukkad” located in Koramangala (opposite Natural ice-cream, 4th Block) a cute place with smiley, well informed staff who went out of their way to make sure I got my yummy bean & hummus salad that night.

After my first experience at Bhukkad, I was curious and hooked. I looked them up on Facebook and their portal and this fast food/ salad bar/deli style place was really rocking!

bBhukkad has a firm set of beliefs, supplying wholesome food with no preservatives and processed foods which tasted fantastic, but is still inexpensive (priciest thing on the menu Rs.140)

It is hard to escape processed foods as it is part of our daily lives. We rarely get a fresh meal with no additives. While processed foods last longer there is a laundry list of harmful effects. Food looses its natural moisture, turns acidic and causes havoc inside. (read more here, saving it for another post)

I really liked that Bhukkad tried in its own way to spread the word of eating clean and fresh. I got hold of the proprietors to understand their philosophy. Featuring Mr. Aruj Garg who tells his story-unedited

Tell me a little about you and how you arrived at Bhukkad?

intro picMy name is Aruj Garg and I started Bhukkad in 2011 in my third year of college at National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The motivation back then was to provide an alternative to the boring mess and canteen food. In 2014, Bhukkad pivoted to become a natural fast food brand. The focus shifted to serving tasty and nutritious food, in a quick service setting. We were inspired by Chipotle to make a multiple outlet chain which cared for the consumer and did not contain any preservatives and processed ingredients.

My junior and friend from college, Vikram Shah suggested the name Bhukkad. In 2011 the name was perfect as it described every college student. After changing our philosophy, we continued with the name. We wanted Bhukkad to be about food. Bhukkad’s love food and this was food which loves them back. Now Bhukkad is expanding. Our management team includes Shivam and Nandita who are helping build Bhukkad in a much bigger way.

What Makes Bhukkad special?

Oriental Salad
The Oh-Riental! Salad

Bhukkad’s main philosophy is to make traditional fast food with minimal preservatives and processed elements. We are constantly working to completely eliminate preservatives from our food. We believe that whatever comes from nature cannot harm an individual. We are not a traditional health brand. For example we believe that all fats are not bad. There are good fats and bad fats. Most fats from natural sources are good for us and we encourage use of that.

Why is not having preservatives and processed foods a healthier life choice?

photo 1 edited

With fast paced lifestyles we have become very reliant on super markets. Most of us look for convenience and eat food that has been prepared with innumerable artificial ingredients which give the food it’s long shelf life. Our food cannot cope up with those artificial ingredients in the form of preservatives and other life-enhancing chemicals. Even though they are legally permitted, they cause harm without any immediate apparent affect. Over time they affect our immunity and consequently our health.

How do people perceive the concept of choosing food with no preservatives?

Busy evenings at Bhukkad
Busy evenings at Bhukkad

Our focus is to make the consumer feel as if he is not missing out on anything. Most of our food variants are made with taste in mind. If you are able to serve a dish which is tasty and affordable, the switch is easy to make. Initially, a lot of our customers didn’t understand why we didn’t give some options, but very soon, they understood where we came from. We serve a variety of alternatives which our customers say are far tastier.

What is in the future?

We want to grow and we are figuring out ways in which we can. We want to open more outlets in areas surrounding Koramangala. We also plan to tie-up with various delivery partners to get our food delivered in major areas like HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Domlur, Sarjapur and Electronic City. You will hear an announcement about this very soon

What are the must trys in Bhukkad?

Pantastic Paneer sandwich

Our bestseller is the Smoky Joe Chicken sandwich. We use garlic aioli, caramelized onions and grilled chicken in whole wheat bread. People love this meaty delight and keep coming back for it. Our Hummus Bean Salad has also become quite popular. A customer recommended this combination and now everyone loves it. I love hummus so it’s no surprise that my favourite is the Pure Genie-ous sandwich. It has a sprinkle of fennel and sesame seeds. The chicken is marinated with yoghurt and Arabian spices.It spells delicious.

If you live around Koramangala put Bhukkad on your map immediately. If you’re not close enough, it’s worth a drive to check it out. My personal favourite dishes are the Bean & Hummus salad, The Oh-riental Salad, Grillotine burger, Date-onator smoothie and The Mr. Bean Grilled Sandwich. It makes for a filling lunch, dinner or an evening snack.

Come with the expectation that this isn’t your ideal date night kind of joint. It is a fastfood/sandwich bar/deli style. So no seating or privacy, but people standing around under the trees and enjoying their meal.

Me at Bhukkad!
Me at Bhukkad!

Bhukkad: Slang word for a perpetually hungry soul. Used commonly in Northern India, Maharashtra. Like & follow them on Facebook or read more on their website.



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