The “Lenten” Sacrifice

Before I start for those who don’t know what “lent” is please read

Lent comes every year around March and just like all other religious sacrifices, the pious and the non-pious offer their dues.

I have heard about all sorts of Lent sacrifices, giving up of meat, alcohol, partying, sex, chocolates, dating, potato, junk food, chips, waking up late … the list goes on. I try to follow Lent most of the time, it is a good time to rid myself of a lot of “unhealthy”  food groups.

Even if you don’t do it for religious reasons, you may find that giving up something for a 40-day period is a good way to kick-start a healthy habit or lose weight.

Here are 10 popular foods that we consume often, you will be shocked to see how effective avoiding an unhealthy food for 40 days can be.

Soda1. Aerated Drink a day keeps the calories at bay: we all know they’re useless unwanted calories so if you skip a soda a day for 40 days you save 129-189 calories. 40 sodas = 4,960 – 7,560 calories saved

images2. Fries or Fried: who doesn’t love a bowl full of salty, crunchy fries. Giving up your weekly fix can save you 350 calories a week. 6 medium order of fries = 2190 calories saved

Ice-Cream3. Ice cream Gains: giving up on a twice a week habit of a bowl full of ice-cream can save you approximately 460 calories a week ( and this is just vanilla not the fancy ones). 12 bowls of ice cream (1/2 cup each) = 2,760 for vanilla /3,000 for chocolate.

images (1)4. Love my Red: if you love your glass of red with dinner every night you can save 127 calories everyday if you drop it for 6 weeks. 40 glasses of red wine (five ounces each) = 5,080 calories saved

Fast-Food5. Fast Food junkies: a happy meal a week keeps you happy, then giving this up will probably make you even happier! You get 1200 calories a week eating this junk! 6 fast-food meals = 7200 calories saved

Potato-Chips6. Chips & dips: a chip on the lip is a inch on your hips, if you have a twice a week habit of a bag of chips, it is 153 calories per bag ( 306 calories per week).  12 bags = 1836 calories in 40 days

Lattes7. Coffee time: if you need that daily caffeine kick to feel alive, it is definitely a good give up! Life without a Latte saves you 190 calories a day! 40 lattes = 7600 calories saved ( nonfat-milk lattes = 5,200 calories)


8. Meat lovers: whether you want to experience the veggie life or not, a once-a-day red meat habit is anywhere from 207 calories per serving for one four-ounce steak/184 calories for four slices of bacon. 20 servings of red meat/bacon = 7820 calories saved

9.Chocolate cravings: having a sweet tooth can give yoChocolateu anywhere from 180- 210 calories per day ( 180- 2 squares of dark, 210 – 1 square of milk) 40 days is a good time to go cold turkey on chocolate if it’s a habit you need to get under control. 40 servings of chocolate = 6,800 for dark/8,400 for milk chocolate.

popular_indian_snacks10. Snacker Specials: yummy snacks are addictive, but they give you anywhere from 200 to 700 calories ( one murukku = 150cal. paapri chat = 750 calories). Ditch the habit! 40 servings = 8000 calories  saved (on a average of 200 calories per day)

So even if Lent is not on your cards, you can see how 40 days of abstinence can help you achieve a lot. You could loose a habit completely, overcome a weight problem, detox or just feel healthier!

While I struggle through my penance for the next 40 days I urge you to give it a try. Nothing like a bit of food discipline to help you along this journey!


To lose 1 kg of your weight, you should create 7700 calorie deficit.To lose 1 kg per week, you should create approximately 1000 calorie deficit every day


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