9 Tips to Stay Healthy while Travelling

images (22)I have been travelling of late for both professional and personal reasons. While travelling is my favorite hobby, I find it hard to stay disciplined towards my health. The temptation to try local delicacies, ends up with me eating a lot more than I usually do. Both in terms of quantity and type of food groups. Due to busy work travel schedules there is no time for exercise!

While none of us would like to give up the opportunity of visiting a new place the fact that we return with what is commonly known as “holiday weight” is added baggage that I don’t mind leaving behind.

If you don’t have the discipline to wake up early on your holidays/corporate travel to do an hour of exercise (running, yoga or free body workouts) then here are a few tips that can help you maintain basic health levels:

  1. If you’re adventurous with your food like me then you have to be careful
    photo (3)
    pumpkin mash soup, sauteed fish, Goa

    with your quantities. If you have a companion, go halves on meals this way you get to try what you like and exert portion control. If you are travelling alone then eat that something yummy for lunch, but keep breakfast and dinner lighter.

  2. Take the stairs to your hotel room, office meeting, store visits every time, everywhere!
  3. If you’re a tourist walk around and explore rather than using public transport. You can burn off your lunch and discover something special!
  4. Use the stairs or the walk-a ways instead of the escalator and travel-porter in airports. I also like to take a long walk and check out the airport while waiting for my flight to be called.
  5. Avoid airline food – eat either before you board the flight or after. Airline food is LOADED with preservatives, it tastes bad and is pointless calories!
  6. Definitely enjoy every minute of your vacay, but there is no holiday from staying healthy. So keep the health filter on at all times!
  7. If you’re on a long break (more than five days) then you have to find a way to do some kind of exercise. This could be – a 25 minute high intensity work out in your room (do five minutes of as many reps as possible of five exercises – squats, push ups, lunges, burpees, crunches) , a run, a walk, a swim or yoga. This is to ensure you keep your form in check and your muscles active.
  8. Go Dancing – Dancing is good cardio and a FUN way to check out the night life!
  9. The best way to keep your health levels up is to incorporate a few outdoor activities into your vacation – a cycle or walking tour of the city, a trek/hike to see the highest scenic point, a swim in the resort pool, a fishing adventure, scuba diving, etc.

Captures from a few of my (not so recent) travels: Walking up to get a good view of the Golden Gate bridge ( SF), Exploring the Fire Valley State Park (Las Vegas)

IMG_5856 IMG_6708

Horton Plains 9km Trek ( Sri Lanka),  Running on Candolim Beach, during sunset (Goa)

IMG_0069 IMG_3647

Travelling is to rejuvenate, refresh & recharge. But sometimes doing things slightly different can change your perspective on how to experience a holiday.


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