10,000 steps to Happiness

I recently started walking to work. It’s been a week, but I think I’m hooked already. I have to admit the walk is only twelve minutes and I should have started ages ago!

The best part of walking is that we already know how to do it! downloadThere is no preparation required, gear or learning anything new. After all we did learn how to walk even before we started talking!

Everyone has their own pace and style of walking, which makes it uncomplicated. There are parks, pavements (not many in India), roads, treadmills and apartment gardens to walk around in, which makes it safe, accessible and free.

I am sure many of you have heard of the 10,000 steps a day challenge. But what is the real deal with 10,000 steps anyway? The concept first originated in Japan in the early 1960s.

Most people take 3500-5000 steps a day (on an average, if you are doing lesser than this be sure you fall in the very inactive, unhealthy segment) Why  “10,000”-well it has been proven scientifically that doing 10,000 steps will help us burn 20% of our caloric intake and leads to a healthier, active lifestyle.

The Japs have been using this for years (explains their hour glass shape) it only spread to the rest of the world in the 90s. Interestingly, but not surprising it was seen that Americans do 5000 steps on an average, Japs around 7000 and the Aussies & Swiss 10,000!

What I love about it, is the simplicity and ease of incorporating it into your life. You can download free apps like runkeeper, runtastic, stepz,pacer etc or if you like the fancy gadgets go with a Fit-Bit. This will help you track your steps everyday. Note that it will not take into account movements like cycling and some of the movements you do at the gym.

You need to target at least 6000 steps through your daily routine.

Walk to wdownload (5)ork, take the stairs, walk to the water-cooler, take a walk after lunch, walk around and greet your colleagues at tea- time, park your car far away form the entrance, walk to the grocery store, do your own household chores, do a two minute walk every hour,

The remaining 4000 steps will have to come from 20-30 minutes of walking around your apartment complex, the park, treadmill etc.

10,000 steps translate to roughly 5 miles/8km. This is promised to have many positive impacts on your health. If you are on a weightloss than this may not help you achieve that. You will have to make larger efforts in diet & exercise to accomplish that.

With 10,000 steps you become a permanent member of the active healthy lifestyle club! It is the start of a beautiful journey towards health, wealth and happiness



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