Diet Diaries

The art of dieting (it is funny how eating healthy is called “dieting”) is not for the faint hearted. It is quite confusing if you don’t seek guidance from professionals. There is so much information available out there that, it is hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

First let’s undersaying20stand that 80% of your “Weightloss” or “health” comes from what you eat. It’s only 20% that exercise can benefit you.

 So to start a healthier lifestyle the first diet step is NO crash diets, they don’t work on a long-term sustainable level. You may see initial results, but a week or so later you will be back up to your previous weight. When starting a change in your diet work towards a lifestyle change rather than just a diet change.

To immediately change your eating habits is intimidating, overwhelming and once again not sustainable. Your body and mind has already built a pattern for you, sudden changes will leave you feeling hungry, miserable, food focused and very tired. You will give up soon and binge eat everything in sight!

So plan a diet schedule with multiple phases.  Let the first phase be portion control. Now the beauty of portion control is that you can do it without changing your lifestyle pattern.

If you’re used to a three helpings of rice/ rotis at lunch/dphoto 1inner. You could cut it down to two helpings, compensate by adding a basic salad to your meal. That will help in filling you up and allow you to feel content without adding calories.

For portion control to work you need to use it in all your meals – weekends and weekdays, there are no cheat days because this is not a diet, but a method to help you eat smaller meals. Smaller meals helps to quicken metabolism and you feel lighter and more energetic.

In-between meal snacks can be a fruit, a handful of nuts, 2/3 Marie biscuits, juice (fresh not canned), or green tea. Drink sips of water to help if your feel a random twinge of hunger (read my earlier post on water). Those who like cooking can prepare a small salad snack as well.



Incorporating healthier snack options is also a part of phase one. So say NO to oily samosa’s, cookies, chips and chaat when you get hunger pangs.

Healthy eating has tremendous benefits, but starting on this path is super tough, it takes perseverance, dedication and loads of discipline. A lifelong battle for all of us, but don’t be discouraged as it is more important to make sure it is done right and is sustainable. So take small steps and pat yourself for every single healthy day that you survive.


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