Reclaim the Outdoors

Last weekend I signed up for a night trek. I was quite excited to give it a try considering I had never done this before. The itinerary was promising: Night trek for two hours, an hour of cave exploration, bonfire and a night under the stars with a perfect ending of watching the sunrise!


The benefits of getting outdoors is incredible. Apart from just connecting with nature and finding peace in the fresh air and moonlit skies. It is also a great way to be fit. If gym routines, group classes and other exercise regimes bore you than give the outdoors a try.

The best part of it is that you’re the king of the land – you can walk, run, climb, trek, swim, hike, go caving, plant trees, stretch, do squats or just lie under the sky and meditate. Outdoors is the only health routine which can heal your body, mind and soul

If you like running/ walking/ cycling/yoga than it is almost criminal to not go to the park and do it. The fresh air will fill your lungs and flush out toxins, the clear sky, chill breeze and greenery will encourage you to move faster and build stamina, the rough terrain makes your legs stronger & sturdier to take on more. The impact on your knees and ankles are zero if your running the right way as compared to a treadmill. Your breathing improves as the clean air expands your lungs to the maximum.

You can spend hours on the elliptical, spinning cycle or treadmill, but you will not get half the benefits compared to the outdoors. The calming scenery also  gives you thinking time that is much needed in our busy lives.

So try to get outdoors at least once a week if not more often. If you don’t like the mundane movements of running or cycling, you can do midnight treks or day treks like me.

Some Trekking Trivia:

There are two ways to do this either with a small group of friends or a friend, search online for nearby (50/60km from your city) trails and do this on your own. Walk at your pace and enjoy the beauty around you.

The second option is to go through a group or forums like Thrillophilia, Bangalore Trekking Club, India Hikes to name a few. Personally I felt going with a group restricts you to the company, the pace and the mood of the group. They may not be on the same page as you.

Start with small 2/3 hour day treks and if you get hooked you can aim for larger over night ones and finally even climb the Himalayas!

Make sure you pack a small bag with water & juice for hydration, nuts & bananas as a healthy snack to give you energy, a small packet to collect your trash- it is important to keep our environment clean, so follow a “leave no trace” policy, basic medical kit & your camera to click the breathtaking views.

India has many beautiful untouched trekking spots so get off your couch and start exploring and in the bargain you get free clean air to breathe, a fitness check for the day and who knows even a new hobby!

Sunday Trek at Savanduraga ( among the largest monolith hills in Asia)
Sunday Trek at Savanduraga ( among the largest monolith hills in Asia)
Shivagange: we got to see a rainbow & a ton of monkeys!

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