Water Buddies

Last week I heard about my kid cousin who suffered from a kidney stone due to lack of drinking water. While discussing this with my friends I learnt that many of them drink less that half a liter of water a day. They told me “I forget,” “I never feel thirsty,” “I don’t like taking so many loo breaks,” “It makes me feel so full,” “I‘m not sure when is a good time to drink water”

Now I am a big water fan. I consume around five liters every day, although this does mean I visit the restroom a LOT, it is still worth it.

Here are Some Water Wonders


1. Start your day with a glass of water it’s a nice way to say “Good morning”to your body. Your circulatory system needs fluids to get rid of stubborn free radicals and residue from burned calories that were used during the night’s metabolism.

2. Water before every meal makes you feel fuller so you don’t attack your meal like a hungry caveman. It also awakens your taste buds and moisturizes the stomach lining so brittle or acidic foods won’t be uncomfortable.

3. Use water as a snack. Have a glass in between meals when you think your hungry, sometimes you’re actually thirsty.

4. Hydration before and after workouts is important, have a few sips before to hydrate you well, and after workouts drink water to replace the fluids that have left your system. BUT make sure your drinking slowly to avoid stomach cramps.

5.  Drink water to wash away germs and viruses after public visits to hospitals, messy work environments, dusty streets, etc. water can wash away any invaders before they settle into your system and multiply.

6. The age old remedy of drinking water when you’re sick. It helps you remain hydrated and flushes out all the toxins

7.  If your sleepy, tired or fatigued rejuvenate yourself with a glass of water. Water has the ability to move quickly through your body, and reach your brain to activate it right before an important meeting.

8. Don’t drink too much water before you sleep unless you like waking up for loo breaks through the night.

So start keeping a bottle at your desk, your dining table, your bedside table, your car, your loo, your study table and your gym bag to remind you that you need to drink as much water as you can all day long.



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