Starting Trouble


Getting back to exercising after a long break is such a toughie! After the holiday season, I dragged myself back to the gym last week. While a big part of me was excited to go back and get my groove back on another part of me was fearful for the aches and pains that would follow suit.

The first few days back were a real killer. To start with I could barely keep up with the rest of the crew and I was so tired after a few repetitions. I tried not to think about the muscle aches that would kick in that evening.

But the beauty of our bodies is that they never give up on us. It’s only our mind and confidence that are the real let downs. So treat your body right and don’t rush it after a break.

It is really alright to start off very slowly. Reduce your weights to the bare minimum or do movements minus weights. It’s better to start slow than end up with an injury.

Secondly don’t beat yourself up if you get tired after a short time frame, reduce your speed or number of repetitions. Muscle memory will play its part, but our bodies also require sufficient time to adapt to the movements.

Most of all don’t let the aches and pains stop you from going back to your routine the next morning. Get up and crawl back in there, but be kind to yourself. If you find it difficult to even move take a slow walk or jog for as short as twenty to thirty minutes, just DON’T STOP!

Our bodies require only a week’s time to get back in shape. Two weeks later you will be back to running or lifting weights as usual.

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to give up, go slow and spend lots of time stretching after every session.

Basic Post Work-Out stretches
Basic Post Work-Out stretches

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