To New Year Solutions

Today is quite exciting because I get to write my first post on the blog. I am quite nervous to see reactions of my friends and family.
What better topic to start with but with the season that’s just gone by “Festive, Holiday, Christmas, New Year” the best time of the year! The festive season at some level is what we are preparing for the whole year round. I always remember looking for the perfect Christmas dress sometime in July. The season is plied with family reunions, weddings, birthdays, lunches, brunches and late night drinking sessions. We got to look our best but it is the most unhealthy time of the year too. But who is going to think about health when your having fun right?
When the new year finally rolls around and you bid goodbye to December we are all ready to make tons of resolutions and new beginnings.
We all know while this sounds really great resolutions are such a pain to remember, enforce and follow. So this year I told myself to form solutions rather than resolutions.
I think the best part of a new year is that you can make a new start. So don’t stress yourself but list down actual tangible easy to do solutions… that’s what I did.
1. Get back to the gym but go everyday for 1.5 months – this way I can celebrate the success of this resolution very soon and I’m not going forget it
2. Be a vegetarian twice a week  for a month its good to detox and cleanse my system.
3. Focus on one happy thought a day to keep my mind positive

These were actual tangible solutions that I could turn into a habit in 2015. So my tip to you is set small goals and solutions for your life which you can tick that you complete everyday or week. 22 days later they will become a habit! But the best part is how great you will feel every time you actually follow through! Don’t forget to celebrate that moment.happy-healthy-2015


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